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October 3 - October 24, 2018
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Pamela Letourneau

Slow Food

"Expand upon what I already do"


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Go Paperless

I will reduce the amount of paper mail that I receive by opting into paperless billing and ending unwanted subscriptions.



Drive Less

I will cut my car trip mileage by only taking necessary trips.


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    Pamela Letourneau 10/24/2018 11:03 AM
    I continue to get unsolicited funding requests and I know someone is selling my name and address.  I will continue this challenge until I see a substantial drop in requests coming to my home!  And the calendars, holiday cards, offers of backpacks etc. are so unwelcome.

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/24/2018 11:01 AM
    Clipper card refunded my $70 through the efforts of my advocate for the Smart Train, yay.  I am planning my next trip to save on driving.  This is a project for the long haul.

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/22/2018 10:40 AM
    I have made progress!  Sent 29 letters so far.  We'll see in a couple of months if this has had an effect.

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/16/2018 6:13 PM
    I am a member of SlowFoodRussianRiver and the Apple Core.  Last Friday we had two schools come to our free press.  We purchased 600#'s of apples from a local apple farmer, pressed it into 35 gallons with about 130 children and 25 parents. Everyone took home fresh apple juice! This Friday we do another group.  I volunteer every other weekend about from early August to late October pressing apples at our press for families who either have their own apple trees or are able to harvest apples from someone they know.  Volunteering is great!

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/16/2018 6:02 PM
    Today I mailed a whole slew of "Fundraising Reduction Notice" letters to organizations that are clogging my mailbox and destroying trees in the process.  More mail today!!  I'm going to keep at it until I see only very few in my mailbox- then I'll let them know I'll donate online only and when I am able.

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/14/2018 6:58 AM
    Still working on this.  It will be a long haul as I get lots and lots of appeals from non-profits.

  • Pamela Letourneau's avatar
    Pamela Letourneau 10/14/2018 6:57 AM
    Ugh, still driving too much.  Smart train doesn't go close enough to where I need to be!!

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/09/2018 9:46 AM
    This is more difficult than I imagined.  Since moving to Petaluma after the Santa Rosa fire I've realized how much of my activities are in SR.  Taking the Smart train is only possible when it stops near where I want to go.  Unfortunately, like pressing apples in Sebastopol, that won't work and I have to drive.  BUT, there are some days when the car sits in the garage so that's a plus.

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    Pamela Letourneau 10/09/2018 9:43 AM
    Well I finally downloaded all the "how to respond notes".  Now I'm collecting all the unwanted mail and starting to send out my "don't send" anymore notes.

    • Monica Martin's avatar
      Monica Martin 10/09/2018 1:21 PM
      I find that this is a never ending battle. But , the first go at it for me was the most overwhelming. Since then it's been very manageable!
    Waste Go Paperless
    Reducing your paper mail can be such a freeing action to take -- by reducing what is coming in, you can reduce what is going into the recycling bin too. How does it make you feel? What is the next step you will take to reduce your waste?

    Pamela Letourneau's avatar
    Pamela Letourneau 10/03/2018 8:16 AM
    I get way too much mail asking for donations from various “good” causes.  I want off the lists so I’m going to research how to do this.  I already do all my financial transactions paperless.  Health care too.