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October 3 - October 24, 2018

City of Portland - Bureau of Environmental Services Feed


Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Sean Mathis's avatar
    Sean Mathis 10/15/2018 12:08 PM
    Going well.  I was able to complete all tasks I set out to do.
    Energy Power Down the Computer
    What are other easy things you could do to save energy and reduce your environmental footprint?

    Brianna Wells's avatar
    Brianna Wells 10/09/2018 7:27 AM
    By powering down my own computer and encouraging co-workers to do the same
    Energy Switch to Cold Water
    What do you plan to do with the money you save from making more energy efficient choices?

    Sean Mathis's avatar
    Sean Mathis 10/08/2018 10:34 AM
    Buy led light bulbs to replace any remaining incandescent bulbs I have