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October 3 - October 24, 2018

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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Paul Kuck's avatar
    Paul Kuck 10/19/2018 2:42 PM
    A challenge you should add to Waste is removing name from magazine or mailer list. I went through a huge stack of mailers at our office today (to people who don't work here anymore) and emailed the companies to remove the address from their mailing list. 

  • Jami Haaning's avatar
    Jami Haaning 10/08/2018 7:03 PM
    Spent a lot of time in nature this weekend. It was restorative!

  • Lacey Kloster's avatar
    Lacey Kloster 10/08/2018 4:36 PM
    Just started tracking the challenge today because I was travelling and moving this last weekend, making it difficult ot track my waste... (and I was generating a lot more than usual!).  For the last ~24 hours I've thrown away floss, a food to-go box container, a little instant coffee packet, a fruit sticker, and ~5 paper towels from the bathroom.  Not too bad, really.  I am looking to start finding trends in what I throw away often and can reduce - already thinking I could bring my own towel to the office instead of using disposable paper towels.
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    What do you think contributes to people in North America eating more meat than in other places, and what does this say about North American values and ways of living? How do we start shifting a meat-focused food culture?

    Jami Haaning's avatar
    Jami Haaning 10/04/2018 1:27 PM
    This is super challenging, I really don't know how we shift an entire culture's eating habits. I hope the advent of products such as the Impossible Burger will help with this shift. But it is going to take a lot more than that. Especially when people continue to make these choices despite knowing health implications of certain kinds of meat, how some animals are treated unethically and the environmental impacts of raising cows and other animals in huge CAFOs. 
    Food Weekly Meal Planning
    An average American throws out about 240 lbs of food per year. The average family of four spends $1,500 a year on food that they throw out. Does this surprise you? Where would you rather use this money?

    Jami Haaning's avatar
    Jami Haaning 10/04/2018 1:24 PM
    It doesn't surprise me at all. Even when I am cognizant of how much food I buy there is inevitably waste. Meal planning totally helps with this and I need to do a better job. It just takes time to really think through, and time is definitely something I could use more of. 
    Nature Spend Time Outside
    Rachel Carson said that we need the beauty and mysteries of the natural world for our spiritual and emotional development. Does that ring true for you? What are the implications for a culture that spends most of its time indoors?

    Jami Haaning's avatar
    Jami Haaning 10/04/2018 1:23 PM
    Nature is where I go to connect with myself and ground. I feel out of sorts when I don't spend enough time outside and wish I had more time to just be in nature.