October 3 - October 24, 2018

NW Indiana Green Crew Feed

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  • Matt Hunter 10/25/2018 8:14 PM
    If you focus on changing your behavior, you can accomplish a lot in a short time. The challenge really helped me measure the personal impact of myself and my family by recycling and working together.

  • Matt Hunter 10/17/2018 11:41 AM
    Went through garage to find more things to donate and recycle.

  • Matt Hunter 10/10/2018 2:02 PM
    I've been reading more about sustainability strategies. Some would be near impossible to implement in our family...but we are going to go bike shopping for two family members who need them. That will reduce car travel for one of them by over 50%.

  • Matt Hunter 10/02/2018 12:29 PM
    Protecting green space for future generations is a personal priority for me and my family.
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  • Matt Hunter 10/02/2018 12:26 PM
    My wife and I love to hike the trails at the Dunes National Lakeshore. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Trust me.
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  • Matt Hunter 10/02/2018 12:17 PM
    Our family recently started recycling in earnest. Hard to believe that we fill up a large bin every two weeks.