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October 3 - October 24, 2018

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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Deborah Falkowski's avatar
    Deborah Falkowski 10/25/2018 5:56 AM

    I never liked to use two-sided printing, but with setting the goal to save paper, I felt more empowered every time I printed.  The good that it was doing overshadowed my old thinking that one-sided printing was easier to read documents.  Thank You!!!
    Health Learn More about Food Deserts
    What are the implications of access to nutritious food for a community?

    Johanna Johnson's avatar
    Johanna Johnson 10/24/2018 1:39 PM
    I am fortunate to be in an area that has the resource necessities to provide nutritious food to our community. Now to look outside my community to see if I can help out in anyway.
    Simplicity Meditate
    What would you like to invest more time in reflecting on?

    Johanna Johnson's avatar
    Johanna Johnson 10/24/2018 1:38 PM
    how people I surround myself with behave towards others and how they feel as well as myself. Sometimes things can be stressful and tempers can flare. I want to be able to acknowledge such situations and to not buy into it, but to help solve or alleviate tensions. We can all get along and work together.

  • Audrey Mottley's avatar
    Audrey Mottley 10/24/2018 1:26 PM
    This was a fun challenge and hope to stay motivated!
    Waste Go Paperless
    Reducing your paper mail can be such a freeing action to take -- by reducing what is coming in, you can reduce what is going into the recycling bin too. How does it make you feel? What is the next step you will take to reduce your waste?

    Audrey Mottley's avatar
    Audrey Mottley 10/24/2018 1:25 PM
    Transportation Work from Home
    It takes the average worker in the United States 26 minutes to travel to work. One way to fix long commutes would be to make cities more affordable. An even simpler option: promote the use of telework. Are you in an industry that would allow you to work from home? What are some obstacles you might find yourself facing while working from home?

    Richard Cronin's avatar
    Richard Cronin 10/24/2018 11:55 AM
    I am fortunate to work for a company that allows this. I generally work 2 days from home, but can do it whenever needed.  Bad weather, etc.  So it's often more than that.

  • Richard Cronin's avatar
    Richard Cronin 10/24/2018 11:44 AM
    Interconnection agreement approved by the power company today, so that's a major hurdle.  Still waiting on new bi-directional meter but I can start up the system in the mean time.  Now just need sunny days in Cleveland!

  • Wendy Shepard's avatar
    Wendy Shepard 10/24/2018 10:07 AM
    I really enjoyed this challenge!  Would like to continue to participate even after it is over!
    Water Collect Rain Water
    Trace the water that flows down the drain from your house to the largest body of water nearby. What is the route it takes?

    Wendy Shepard's avatar
    Wendy Shepard 10/24/2018 10:02 AM

    The river is within easy walking distance.  Water from my drain is delivered to our community's new and modern treatment plant before it is discharged into the river. 
    Water Insulate Water Pipes and Water Heater
    How do you think climate change will affect your region’s water supply? Think about the effects of weather, storms, salinity, and sea level rise, among other changes. How can you find out more about climate change’s impact to your region's water?

    Wendy Shepard's avatar
    Wendy Shepard 10/24/2018 9:56 AM
    I may be mistaken, but I think our region's water supply will remain pretty secure.  I do believe weather changes will be a challenge for local farmers in terms of erosion during unnaturally heavy rains and the effects of unseasonable temperature swings on crops.  I am a member of several nonprofit organizations that regularly hold lectures.  I also graduated from Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences so I receive a quarterly magazine that frequently addresses topics like this.