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October 3 - October 24, 2018

Washington County Feed

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  • Reflection Question
    Energy Switch to Cold Water
    What do you plan to do with the money you save from making more energy efficient choices?

    DIANA TORRE's avatar
    DIANA TORRE 10/30/2018 11:19 AM
    all clothes washed in cold water

  • Tricia Kennedy's avatar
    Tricia Kennedy 10/30/2018 9:02 AM
    I love this challenge and would love to do it again throughout the year.

  • Max Lopez's avatar
    Max Lopez 10/25/2018 10:10 AM
    I had a great time and enjoyed this years eco challenge. 

  • Alicks Kundart's avatar
    Alicks Kundart 10/25/2018 9:27 AM
    Vegan living is easy and better for my body.  It's unfortunate that I got sick early, had an infection, had to deal with transportation stress, might have dislodged a rib, and had other stressors during the 3 week challenge.  It's not how I would like to "turn vegan" in my life, so while I plan to remain 95% vegan, I will have dairy and eggs from time to time until I can fully go vegan on a happier note.  :-)  I'm really going to watch how my body reacts to dairy, especially in terms of migraines and overall comfort.  

  • Dawn Wright's avatar
    Dawn Wright 10/24/2018 5:50 PM
    This was fun and challenging all at the same time.

  • Elizabeth Love's avatar
    Elizabeth Love 10/24/2018 10:47 AM
    Well I missed most of the challenge because of complications, but I still tried and that's what matters.  I know I answered a lot of already do it when I went through the actions and that makes me feel pretty good about being an eco friendly person on a regular basis.

    • Jennifer Nelson's avatar
      Jennifer Nelson 10/24/2018 3:21 PM
      I'm glad you participated and contributed to our collective impact. Thank you!

  • Janet Wells-Berg's avatar
    Janet Wells-Berg 10/24/2018 10:46 AM
    Our Eco Challenge may end today, but we should all try to keep up our challenges year-round! :)  It was fun.  Janet
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Meditate
    What would you like to invest more time in reflecting on?

    Pete Moseler's avatar
    Pete Moseler 10/24/2018 9:43 AM
    Each morning I start the day with some meditation reading. Today was about leadership and the connection with spirituality.

  • Ann Hawkins's avatar
    Ann Hawkins 10/24/2018 9:37 AM
    I have heard that it takes anywhere from 18 to 35 days to make a habit.  I'm pretty proud to say that after completing this challenge, I've got a few more habits!  Getting out to walk isn't as daunting as I first imagined and I remove clutter before it becomes and issue.  Although there still needs to be improvement on the storage situation at home, I'm not bringing "things" in and donating more!

  • DIANA TORRE's avatar
    DIANA TORRE 10/24/2018 9:31 AM

    great program to follow through.