October 3 - October 24, 2018



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Points  
rank: 31 name: Interface Engineering teams: Interface Engineering Inc. teammates: 67 points: 19546  
rank: 32 name: Multnomah County teams: Multnomah County teammates: 138 points: 18964  
rank: 33 name: Kit Carson International Academy teams: KCIA GREEN TEAM teammates: 111 points: 18710  
rank: 34 name: Comerica Bank teams: BC 119 Frandor Go Green Go Comerica Bank westheimer pkwy teammates: 94 points: 17909  
rank: 35 name: MetLife teams: Green Planet teammates: 19 points: 16753  
rank: 36 name: PAE & Luma teams: PAE and the Lumatics teammates: 63 points: 16071  
rank: 37 name: Citi teams: ECOCITI Citi Green Team Network Citi Green Team-St Louis teammates: 131 points: 15896  
rank: 38 name: Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center teams: UNMC/Nebraska Medicine LiveGreen teammates: 107 points: 15317  
rank: 39 name: Westerville South High School teams: Shameed Sesay WSHS 1st Period WSHS 9th Period WSHS 5/6th Period WSHS 7/8th period Helpers of the World teammates: 95 points: 15285  
rank: 40 name: University of Montevallo teams: UM ART CPB I Am Second The Alabamian UM Palmerites Save the Eartg The Matriarchy UM Bass fishing The Green Machine The Lax compadres The Hex Girls Groupies Live Green (for extra credit) University of Montevallo Behavioral and Social Sciences Montevallo Environmental Club UM Marketing, Advancement and Alumni University of Montevallo URGE Chapter teammates: 85 points: 15200  
rank: 41 name: Metro teams: Metro Oregon Zoo teammates: 87 points: 14294  
rank: 42 name: Sustainability Action Group for the Environment (SAGE) at NJDEP teams: EcoLogicals teammates: 54 points: 13705  
rank: 43 name: University of Nebraska at Omaha teams: UNO Sustainability teammates: 73 points: 13519  
rank: 44 name: Pure Planet teams: Pure Planet teammates: 57 points: 13075  
rank: 45 name: Starbucks Coffee Company teams: Castaway Island Starbucks Partners for Sustainability teammates: 61 points: 12498  
rank: 46 name: Alpha Media teams: KINK SALES KINK programming teammates: 47 points: 12304  
rank: 47 name: Salesforce teams: Earthforce Ohana@Home teammates: 117 points: 11849  
rank: 48 name: Loyola University Chicago teams: Team Ramblers teammates: 85 points: 10959  
rank: 49 name: Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina/MountainTrue teams: High Country UCC Asheville Area Episcopal Youth First Presbyterian Asheville Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina teammates: 52 points: 10782  
rank: 50 name: Washington University in St Louis teams: WU Sustainability ENST WashU Grizzlies teammates: 80 points: 10604  
rank: 51 name: Walgreens teams: Walgreens Environmental Sustainability Network Service Desk BB teammates: 44 points: 10497  
rank: 52 name: Legacy Health teams: Legacy Health teammates: 94 points: 10262  
rank: 53 name: Western Technical College - La Crosse, WI teams: Green Cavs teammates: 62 points: 10131  
rank: 54 name: Lake Forest Academy teams: Lake Forest Academy teammates: 95 points: 9833  
rank: 55 name: San Antonio Zoo teams: San Antonio Zoo Crew San Antonio Zoo Volunteer Family teammates: 47 points: 9829  
rank: 56 name: Iroquois Middle School teams: EcoƧhallange teammates: 10 points: 9338  
rank: 57 name: DOWA - IBI GROUP teams: DOWA - IBI GROUP teammates: 20 points: 9059  
rank: 58 name: Our Sisters' School teams: Chicken Nuggets Our Sisters' School teammates: 55 points: 8691  
rank: 59 name: LHB teams: LHB teammates: 36 points: 8481  
rank: 60 name: Oregon Health & Science University teams: OHSU CHM teammates: 62 points: 8396